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 About "The Place Italian Restaurant"


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The Place is  a  wonderful  restaurant ... Great  food  and  great  people. The Italian entrees are excellent, as would be expected, but my favorite is the sirloin steak -- absolutely and consistently superb!  I go trout fishing in the Adirondacks every year, and have never had a bad experience here. Be careful if you're on a diet, though; Portions are HUGE!  If you're visiting the Adirondacks, and need info on what's happening, when and where, locally, or how the fishing is, ask Tim or Amy, who are always happy to oblige visitors.




   Dave S., Half Moon Bay, CA



Rte 8 & Rte 9  Chestertown, NY  (518) 494-3390






The blue button is added on this page as a special feature for those persons (mainly the locals who know him well!) who demand visual proof of Tim's fish(y) stories boasting of 16 lb steelhead trout, giant brown trout, etc., etc., etc.  If you know Tim very well and want to comment on his stories, you can post them on a special dedicated Discussion Forum: Tim's Fish(y) Stories. You can see even more of Tim at the "Show Me" or "I don't believe it" ( website!